Freedom Fighters' Priorities must Change

Posted on 2009-06-26
THE only major press coverage I ever read about Goa’s freedom fighters is their opposition to anything Portuguese. This letter is not to support former Portuguese rule or belittle true sacrifices by genuine freedom fighters. My point is that if at all, Goa’s freedom fighters want to act for Goa’s interests, they must address the critical issues of today that are destroying Goa and its identity. Uncontrolled migrant influx and vote-banks, which can result in Goans having no political say in the affairs of Goa; mega-projects that not only create unnecessary employment for migrants but also bring in majority non-Goan residents to the detriment of Goa’s demography; corruption; faulty employment policies favouring non-Goans and facilitating Goans to leave Goa in hordes, due to lack of opportunities at home etc are issue we must fight for. Goa should have got safeguards in 1961 to protect its identity. I understand we can’t change the past, but surely freedom fighters still have the power to influence Goa’s future rather than dwelling on past glories!