Posted on 2009-06-26
New Look Colourful and Reader-Friendly“CHANGE is inevitable in a progressive society. Change is constant,” wrote Benjamin Disareli. Over the years The Navhind Times has brought about varied changes in it’s looks and set-up in keeping with the times. The new-look is both colourful and reader-friendly. Obviously the newspaper has felt the pulse of the readers and decided to go for a makeover. Having been a regular contributor to the newspaper, in a small way for over 25 years, it was a pleasant surprise to see the new NT at my doorstep this morning. Many congratulations to all those associated with the newspaper.
Resolving the Issue of Burial Ground
THE ghost of burial ground has once again resurfaced to haunt the Goan populace. It’s more than a decade that the Muslims of Margao are demanding for a burial ground for the simple reason that the existing one is not sufficient. History is testimony to the fact that since time immemorial Goan Muslims have lived harmoniously with both Hindus and Christian brethren. One fails to understand why than there is so much of opposition from the local residents when the place for burial ground is identified by the authorities. Don’t they feel that the demand for kabrastan is just and that the dead ones should be given a decent burial as per religious rites? Let us all not fall prey to the evil designs of some elements that are working against humanity. The question of whether the kabrastan will meet the requirement of local Muslims or migrant Muslims should not be the criteria for denial of burial ground. It should be based on the principle of humanity – after all local or migrant, both are human beings and both will be buried in the same kabrastan to return to the same Lord. Let us once and for all bury the issue of kabrastan with the spirit of brotherhood and humanity.
Engaging in Constructive Protests
AT present the Goan public has become very alert and is agitating peacefully against several issues such as garbage, mega projects CRZ etc. Though these agitations sometimes solve the problems faced, we should bear in mind that they should be constructive and not destructive to the economy of Goa. Some leaders sometimes misguide the affected people for their own vested interests. The government should come up with a clear policy or legislation to safeguard the interest of the public and solve the problems of the affected people.
Historic Sundial Still in Existence
IN reference to the article regarding the historic sundial of Loutulim by P Sakhardande (NT, June 14), I am pleased to point out that such a sundial exists in the village of Verna. This sundial once had a place of prominence on the main ground in front of the Holy Cross Church. But around 1972, it was shifted and placed in a nearby children’s park, to allow for the expansion of the football ground. Now, the sundial is languishing deserted among wild bushes and grass in the so-called children’s park opposite the Church. To my memory, in the years gone by, the social activity scenario around the pedestal of this sundial in Verna was the same as depicted by Mario Miranda’s illustration of 1950, and as illustrated in the above mentioned article.