FIFA warns of strict action

Posted on 2009-06-26
DURBAN: Taking a tough stand against on-field racism, football’s governing body FIFA has warned that guilty teams may even be thrown out of the 2010 World Cup to be staged.
Teams responsible for an offence during the 2010 FIFA World Cup will have points deducted or even be eliminated from the competition,” FIFA President Mr Sepp Blatter said. Mr Blatter, who is currently in Durban for Confederations Cup - a lead-up tournament to the World Cup, stated that the FIFA is determined to weed out on-field racial incidents from the game of football.
As FIFA, we are keen to intervene and fight racism in our game. If there’s any evidence of racism, the red card is not enough, we will have to eliminate the team from the competition or deduct points.” “Football is an educational sport and is vital for South Africa to ensure that there is no racial conflict during the 2010 FIFA World Cup,” Mr Blatter said on Thursday.