Location Goa

Posted on 2009-06-26
provided enchanting film locations to filmmakers from Hollywood to Bollywood, for movies right from ‘The Sea Wolves’ to ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ and ‘Bourne Supremacy’ to ‘Khamoshi’, the musical, but of late the shooting of films in Goa has increased substantially.
The CEO of the Entertainment Society of Goa, Mr Manoj Srivastava told the media that the number of film shoots in Goa has gone up from 62 to 119 till March 31, 2009. A film like Goa, starring South Indian megastar Rajanikanth was extensively shot in the state, recently, while Peter Gaya Kam Se had an extensive shooting schedule of 45 days, he informed. Stating that at least 4 to 5 full length feature films are produced in Goa, every year, Mr Srivastava said that the Chief Secretary, Mr Hauzel Haukhum has convened a meeting on June 30 to discuss the rationalisation of fees charged by the ESG for shooting of films in Goa. “We are trying to run a single window system for film related activities in Goa,” he noted.