Agriculture director allays farmers' fears

Posted on 2009-06-26
MARGAO: The Director of Agriculture, Mr S S Tendulkar, while admitting that there is a delay in the monsoon in the state, expressed hope that things will improve for the farmers of the state since the rain gods began to pour once again since Wednesday night.
As a matter of fact, many parts of Salcete received rainfall from light showers to very heavy rainfall on Thursday in places like Majorda, Nuvem, Navelim, Colva, Betalbatim etc which beamed the faces of the otherwise sad and thoughtful farmers who had already sowed their paddy crop for the purpose of transplantation.
Asked whether there is a delay in the transplantation process of the paddy crop, Mr Tendulkar said that already the nurseries of paddy have come up and in most parts of the state the plants will be ready for transplanting by the end of June. He said that transplantation process will be completed well enough ‘hopefully’ by July 15 and that if this happens, farmers will have a reason to smile, though the monsoon were delayed for sometime in the state. He said that the monsoon started well, but there was a delay of about 10 to 12 days when the rains were not forceful and that there was a dry spell in most parts of the state. This not only worried the farmers but the government as well, which cares for the farmers, he said.
As a matter of fact, Mr Tendulkar disclosed that a meeting of all the Zonal Officers of the state was held in the capital city on Wednesday, which took stock of the prevailing situation.
Mr Tendulkar disclosed that the Agricultural Minister, Mr Vishwajit Rane gave specific instructions to the ZAOs of various ‘dos’ and ‘ don’ts’ adding that the state was ready to help the farmers in all possible ways.
Right now, there is no need for farmers to panic, Mr Tendulkar said, adding that the situation of rain seems to be improving, given the fact that it started pouring heavily from Wednesday night itself.
Mr Tendulkar however observed that hilly areas like Sanguem etc, which could face some difficulties due to less rainfall, could be helped by the state in case the need arises. He said right now no loss is caused to the Goan farmer due to the delay of the monsoons, which impact is felt in at least five major states of the country like Punjab, Rajasthan, Saurastra in the Kutch region etc.
Some farmers from Salcete villages said that the delay in monsoon has not afflicted their activities so far, adding transplantation has already started and even completed in low-lying areas and that by the end of June or mid July, the transplantation in Salcete should be over.