Opportunities in Radio Broadcasting

Posted on 2009-06-01
When we listen to the radio, we generally assume that radio jockeys are the whole and sole of the radio broadcasting industry. However, this is not so as radio broadcasting involves a whole lot more.
With Rjying becoming a popular choice of profession for youngsters, many aspirants want to make it as career. “There are a lot of aspirants in Goa who want to make broadcasting a career. There are already 3 FM stations in Goa and even more are likely to come up in the near future. We have students from different age groups and fields. There is an equal amount of interest in both the girls and the boys,” says Mr Manu Anand, CEO of Alpha mindz at Caranzalem who is a franchise owner for Academy of Broadcasting in Goa.
The workforce in the radio broadcasting includes radio jockeys, webcasters, podcasters, voice over artistes, music schedulers, news readers, script writers, mobile jockeys, radio producers, VO for ivrs, VO for animation, digital sound editors, commentators, live show comperes etc,” says Mr Anand.
Informing further about the only academy offering a course in radio broadcasting in Goa Mr Anand says, “The Academy of Broadcasting has its centres across the country. The corporate office of the academy is in Chandigarh. In Goa Alpha Mindz is the franchisee for the Academy of Broadcasting. Alpha Mindz has brought the academy of Broadcasting to Goa because there is a huge potential in Goa. The Goan youth have a flair for music and art and have very good oratory skills.”
Alpha mindz is the only academy that offers course in radio broadcasting in the state of Goa. They offer certificate courses like professional radio jockeying, professional voice culture, radio script writing, radio station management, audio production for radio, radio content creation duration for three months and diploma in radio station operations and management for one year ”
There is no minimum qualification for the 3 month certificate courses. For the one year diploma, the minimum qualification is 10 + 2,” adds Mr Anand.
With the announcement of the new FM policy, wherein many FM radio stations are being launched in a number of cities in India, the opportunities in the field of radio are in abundance! Therefore it can be said without a doubt that radio is emerging as the most sought after career for youngsters, who want to make a mark in the exciting and rewarding world of radio jockeying. “Besides this, satellite radio, community radio, internet radio and podcasting also offer a huge amount of opportunities for professionally trained radio jockeys,” adds Mr Anand.
One needs to be exceptional, talented, creative, have a flair for music and should love to speak to people if one wants to get into the field of radio broadcasting.