Bhosale outlines importance of elders in modern society

Posted on 2009-05-02
MAPUSA- State president of the Akhil Bharatiya Sena, Mr Madhukar Bhosale has said that elders play a very important role in society and they were the guiding lamps to the modern society. He felt that dumping elders and senior citizens into old age homes was a wrong tendency, towards which society was turning.Speaking on the occasion of distribution of 300 kg of rice to an old age home in Chimbel, Mr Bhosale said that it was more relevant today in an educated society that elders be given their due place and respect in the family.
At a time in their old age when they feel they should remain with their children and grandchildren, they are dumped in old age homes as though relief has been achieved from a big burden. Such things happening in modern and educated society are very painful”, he felt.
Stating that in Indian culture the seniors in a family had a special respect and a special place, Mr Bhosale said that whatever was being done by the family youngsters was always being done by the blessings of these elders in the family and added that he always wondered from where did we learn a culture of getting rid of our elders by admitting them in old age homes. “Some of our elders were being so ill-treated by their children, daughters-in –law, that many a times these elders were cursing themselves and living a painful, depressed and a secluded life”, he opined.