Move to rename Duler stadium opposed

Posted on 2009-01-12
Mapusa- The recent move on the part of the GFA to rename the Duler football stadium as Kingfisher stadium has sparked off a controversy with people from Mapusa and Duler questioning this move of the GFA. Mapusa NCP Councillor and a member of the Mapusa Communidade, Mr Ryan Braganza has hit out at the GFA for going ahead and renaming the stadium as Kingfisher Stadium much to the annoyance of the ‘Mhapxekars’.
Saying that the land on which the Duler stadium exists belongs to the Mapusa Communidade, Mr Ryan Braganza has demanded that the name ‘Kingfisher’ be immediately dropped or else threatened that he would move the court over the issue.
“Selling Duler stadium to Kingfisher and renaming it as Kingfisher football stadium amounts to violation of the provisions of the Code and is contrary to the original grant. Therefore it gives the right to the Mapusa Communidade to serve a notice to the GFA to revert the land back to the Mapusa Communidade”, stated Mr Braganza.
Pointing out that the land was under specific grant to be exclusively used as Duler football stadium , Mr Braganza said that changing the name to Kingfisher stadium was in complete violation of the laid down grant.
“By their acts of selling the Duler stadium to Kingfisher and renaming it as Kingfisher stadium, the GFA has infringed on the Communidade gaunkar’s, Mapusa citizens and football lovers and therefore civil or criminal action as the case may be will be initiated against the GFA”, Mr Braganza said.
Demanding that the Kingfisher name be dropped and Duler stadium be reverted back to its original name in seven days Mr Ryan Braganza has said that if this is not done then action will be initiated as deemed fit against the GFA.