'Jaggu Dada' Comes to Town

Posted on 2008-10-14
Touted by many as a better person than the good actor he is, it is a delight to get chatting with Jackie Shroff, the star with absolutely no airs or baggage that other stars carry. The occasion: The debut book launch by Wanda Alvares of WOA alongside the launching of four Indian artistes.
While the pretty lady Alvares coos and sashays in making the guests feel welcome, it is heartening to share a secret of hers about the actor. She says, “Years ago, I used to have this massive crush on Jackie but ironically it was my son Oliver who got to interact with him and that’s how I got associated with him.”
The dutiful son, Oliver Sean simply rocks as he performs on stage and socialises with the guests in his most charming manner.
Actor Shroff is warmth and friendliness personified as the word ‘darling’ is suffixed at the end of his every sentence. Laughing he tells me, “Wanda still remembers how we posed for a particular photograph 16 years ago.” And just then, the lady poses exactly in that poise with the actor, on this memorable occasion.
So, how does it feel to launch the pretty lady’s first book? He enthuses, “It is a great feeling and honour. I’ve known her for so long.”
When asked about his relationship with Goa, in regal style the actor states, “I have had a long association with this state. I have been coming to Goa from the age of 14 years. I used to travel by the ferry.”
Does he see how stifling and crowded the beautiful state is getting of late? His vocabulary flourishing with darlings, he says, “When you compare Goa to the other places in India, it still is better any day.” He continues, “Development has to take place, but in a balanced manner.”
The actor loves Goa and its people and says, “The Goans are such lovely people and have tremendous talent in the performing arts. They should utilise this to the fullest.”
What is his concluding message to the Goans? “Oh! I just want them to continue remaining warm, simple and chilled out,” and oh yes, the darling word is out again, as he concludes kindly, “Just the way you are!” - CV