How to search the Navhind Archives:

The Search facility on this site may be used to search the entire Navhind Times archives. Currently, we have all issues since June 2008 online. We are in the process of adding older issues to the archive. The search feature will access this entire archive.

When searching for information:

  • Keywords: Enter keywords in the space provided. The search engine will deliver all documents containing all the keywords.
    For example: To search for documents containing the words "Goa" and "Government", you could type in:

or you could enter:

  • Use of single quotes: Single quotation marks ( ' ) can be useful for grouping words together into phrases and narrowing down your search results. For example, if you are searching for documents containing "Goa Government" but do not want documents containing the words "Goa" and "Government" in any order, you could type in:

The above will give all documents containing the term "Goa Government" but will not give documents cointaining, for example, "Government of Goa" or "The current government in Goa has implemented ..." etc.

  • Case: The search is case insensitive. So, Goa Government and goa government will deliver the same results.
  • To access articles from a single issue: Simple select the date from the drop down provided and leave all other fields blank
  • To access articles from a single month: Select the desired month and year from the drop down list and leave the day set to "All"
  • To access articles from a single section: Select the section (eg: Sports or Features or Business) from the Section drop down. Leave date on "All" to get all issues from that section. You can narrow down the search to say, Sports from September 1, 2008, by selecting "Sports" in the section drop down and September 1 2008 from the date fields.

We hope you find this information useful.

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