save fuel, save money

Posted on 2009-01-17
Every day we make use of fuel either to travel to office or to go to the market and traffic congestion is a frequently observed phenomenon. Many of us never bother to switch our bikes and cars off at the signals preferring to leave our vehicles idling.
A rally which was flagged off from the old GMC complex and concluded at the Mandovi Bridge was conducted by Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight (OGCF) in Panaji. Around 600 students carried placards displaying the use of fuel in a sensible way. “The schools which took part were Kendriya Vidhyalaya from INS Mandovi and Bal Bharati from Ribandar,” says Mr Freddy Colaco, the event coordinator for PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association).
According to Mr Colaco, “Whenever you are driving, anticipate the traffic scenario ahead and gradually regulate the speed of your vehicle. Make sure you do not indulge into sudden acceleration and brake maneuvers, as this increases fuel consumption.” Always remember that shifting gears at optimum speed further improves the economy of the fuel.
Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight is organised every year from January 15 to 31. It is jointly organised by PCRA and the public sector of oil and gas companies. OGFC started oil conservation week in 1991, this nation-wide campaign eventually became a very effective tool in creating and spreading mass awareness about the importance of energy conservation in the country.
The OGCF activities, which started on January 15 with the theme ‘Save Fuel Yaani Save Money’, will get over on January 31, 2009. “The hoarding on the vehicle will be carried through the entire state for at least ten days. This hoarding has fuel saving tips such as drive at 45-50 km/hr- the most fuel efficient speed, switch off your engines at red light beyond 15 seconds, use car pool- it will reduce at least fifty percent of your fuel bill, LPG saving- always use pressure cooker for cooking, reduce flame when boiling starts, soak pulses, rice before cooking etc,” told Mr Colaco.
“The main aim behind organising this activity was to make youngsters aware about fuel saving. And for that purpose we organise quizes, essays, painting contest on oil and gas conservation in school/colleges etc. We also conduct street plays, jingles/spots on radio, clinic for drivers that gives tips for saving petrol/diesel for bus, a clinic also in the mining areas,” informed Mr Colaco
“This time we are going to organise a skating rally. We are also thinking of carrying out one drive at the Panaji bus stand for the bus drivers who accelerate their buses for nearly ten-fifteen minutes before leaving from the bus stand thus causing grievances to commuters,” says Mr Colaco.
OGCF had several themes for the last few years. Save oil for India’s self reliance, Oil conservation for clean environment, conserve petroleum for economy and environment, conserve oil for our future, conserve oil and gas for our future, save oil it is precious, save oil land gas these are precious, save oil and gas for better tomorrow, save oil and gas for better living, etc.
While informing about the logo of OGFC, Mr Colaco said that the logo itself signifies saving every drop of fuel.
Talking about the importance of fuel conservation Mr Colaco said that today the whole world is in recession due to which everything is getting costlier. This year’s theme is based on this reality.